Where do I begin? I have so much thanks to give to Jayne and her fabulous store for bringing me joy and happiness once again. After a very recent loss of my dear baby Coco, who was like my child (for those of you who are dog lovers, you know what I mean) I felt the best way to begin to heal was to get a new puppy. Not a replacement, but a new bundle of joy to care for and love just as I did for my Coco. Coco also left behind our baby Gino who was getting lonely...so a new buddy was a must. After telling Jayne my needs and wants, she found me the perfect puppy...my little Chanel. She is PERFECT. I knew the minute I met Jayne and her staff that this was the place I was going to find my next baby and sure enough, she came through and it was love at first site. Jayne is very kind and knowledgeable and her staff is so sweet and has a gentle touch with all their pups. You can tell how much love they too have for these little ones. The store is IMMACULATE and so clean-- they truly take pride in keeping a clean sanitary place for the little ones. For the first time in a month, I began to smile again, and although my heart still breaks for my loss, it's beginning to heal with the over pouring love I have for my new baby. Coco would have loved her, and I believe he led her to me. Thank you Jayne and to your staff for being so great and caring and for finding the perfect home for this precious baby!! We are so thankful to you and we will send many people your way.

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  • Tigger


    Tigger is such a cutie pie. He doesn't bark or nip! He is super loving, loves to give kisses and sit on your lap. He is playful, loves children and other dogs and is everything you would want in a tiny Chi. Fully wee wee pad trained! Amazing little boy who will always keep you smiling![more info]

    Amazing tcup Chihuahua
    22 weeks old, Registration: ACA , Adult Weight: 5 lbs


    Amazing tcup Chihuahua
  • Matty

    Cava Chon

    Matty is so irresistable. He is sweet, loving, very playful, and snuggly. Super little boy!!![more info]

    ADORABLE playful cavachon
    20 weeks old, Registration: None , Adult Weight: 12 - 14 lbs


    ADORABLE playful cavachon
  • Ana-Banana

    Shih Tzu

    Ana is such an adorable little girl. She has the perfect big round loving eyes and such beautiful coloring. She is a snuggle bunny for sure and loves to sit in your arms! Perfect on her wee wee pad!!![more info]

    Sweetest, most loveable Shih Tzu
    18 weeks old, Registration: AKC , Adult Weight: 8 - 10 lbs


    Sweetest, most loveable Shih Tzu

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Marquis and Albendazole are preventative medicines. Both defend and prevent parasite's and are used to terminate the parasite's coccidia and giardia; both are administered orally. We find them to be so important that in order for us to offer a 1 year Health Guarantee we ask that these are administered. These are used specifically as a PRECAUTIONARY TREATMENT which we take for every puppy in case their immune system is compromised during the transition period (i.e. stressed). Think of it like vitamins for dogs. The Marquis is a 1 times treatment 72 hours (3 days) after arrival on a full stomach. IF INCLUDED IN YOUR BAGGIE (some might not have this product if the puppy has already received this treatment under our care) The Albendazole is given .25ml am and pm for 5 days starting 24 hours after arrival and only after a meal (albendazole is a de-wormer and there is no need to get any additional de-wormer from your vet). Once the albendazole is gone, you do not need any more worming medication.

24"L x 18"W x 19"H Perfect fit for all adult dogs under 20 lbs

24"L x 18"W x 19"H Perfect fit for all adult dogs under 20 lbs

24"L x 18"W x 19"H Perfect fit for all adult dogs under 20 lbs
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